Welcome to a world After Dark.

A secret world of pleasure, fantasy and lust.


Welcome to After Dark: a secret world of pleasure, fantasy and lust. Where you can forget reality, switch off and tune in to your deep, dark secret desires.

After running Samantha X Angels for five years now, I have expanded to give you more of what you want.

Ladies & gentlemen, you now have the option of selecting from one of my Angels or an independent Private Angel or Private Man. By offering you Private Angels and Private Men as a service, it allows a great selection of independent companions across states and areas where we are unable to operate as an escort agency.

This is by no means another advertising platform for independant escorts, the ladies and gentlemen you see have all been through the same selection process as my Angels to guarantee authenticity and uphold our brand: class, integrity & sophistication.

Please enjoy.

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Want to hear from Samantha?

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Welcome to discrimination- alive and kicking in 2022. If my money is good enough for the tax man, then it’s good enough for you ING Australia. Click link in bio to read. @newscomauhq
Working in this industry we get spoilt. A lot. Fancy dinners, trips, gifts…. But as a gift of MY appreciation to my beautiful client Mr D, it was my turn to take him out as a THANK YOU- for his generosity, friendship and support, particularly during Covid. While my clients I know value our time together, I also value their time. 💐❤️
I’ve known @cathrinemahoney for over 20 years- she was one of the first friends I made in Australia - she worked for Sony, I was a journalist interviewing one of her bands. Now we’ve both had a change of career - I became Samantha and Cath’s about to become a best selling author… not once has Cath judged me and my choices to join the adult industry. She’s been a support during the good times and the not-so-good and while we don’t see each other much, we always pick up where we left off - and that’s the sign of a true mate. ❤️
I had a reading with the most amazing psychic the other day, who told me two things: 
1) my romantic life was dead ….
2) I had saved 15 men from suicide. 
Ok we can talk about number 1 later (she was right by the way..), but number 2.. while I was really happy that somehow I had a part to play in helping men, I wasn’t shocked. 
One of the biggest misconceptions of this industry is that it’s all sx, drugs and rock n roll. It’s not. A huge HUGE part of what I do is listen to men open up. Click #linkinbio to read more 
This is Mark. I cancelled on lunch with Mark this week as my anxiety was through the roof. It was one of those days I couldn’t function & couldn’t be too far from the safety of my hotel. I was honest with Mark, & he was honest back, that he too suffers anxiety, he completely understood. We postponed lunch a day, and of course, my anxiety subsided as it always does. But enough about me. 
Mark is 50, he’s single, from US originally but now calls Oz home. He’s never been married although got close twice. But he caught one cheating, and his next partner died in a tragic accident. Since then, he’s completely lost his confidence. “I’m too scared to ask a woman out in case I get rejected.” 
Rejection is a risk we all take, and we all have to deal with at one point or another. And when he’s ready, Mark will make a great partner. 🥰
If you want to see how the other half live…. @lisaportolan and I were invited for dinner at the oh so casual city pad of Laser Clinics founder @babak__moini Beautiful dinner, lots of fun and thank you @babak__moini for your hospitality, warmth, business advice and for letting us take photos of your sensational home…Classy, sophisticated and sexy.