Welcome to a world After Dark.

A secret world of pleasure, fantasy and lust.


Welcome to After Dark: a secret world of pleasure, fantasy and lust. Where you can forget reality, switch off and tune in to your deep, dark secret desires.

After running Samantha X Angels for five years now, I have expanded to give you more of what you want.

Ladies & gentlemen, you now have the option of selecting from one of my Angels or an independent Private Angel or Private Man. By offering you Private Angels and Private Men as a service, it allows a great selection of independent companions across states and areas where we are unable to operate as an escort agency.

This is by no means another advertising platform for independant escorts, the ladies and gentlemen you see have all been through the same selection process as my Angels to guarantee authenticity and uphold our brand: class, integrity & sophistication.

Please enjoy.

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Want to hear from Samantha?

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There’d better be a gym in my hotel! It’s been a few years but Newcastle, why not! To catch me in Newcastle this week, head to the link in the bio. 💋
This is why I now choose dogs. 😂
📷 @the_dick_whisperer_
I probably should have worn a fancy dress for lunch at @pilurestaurant today…. But quite frankly my dear, it was too darn cold! And lunch was AMAZING 🤤thank you Mr R 💜
COVID has been hard on us all, especially Victorians. But travel has mostly opened up, and to me, that means meeting new and old faces. If you want to know where I am and when, I would love to meet. 💋
Newcastle : 15th - 20th June
Perth : 28th June – 3rd July
Brisbane : 12th – 16th July
Melbourne : 26th July – 1st August
A few weeks ago, Vanessa and I were scrambling behind the scenes to prevent a troll who was threatening to post particular photos of me on my Twitter account. While I know I’m not a politician (!!), the photos he found were over five years old and while tame, are not easily accessible. He kept posting them, and we kept reporting. It was a stressful week and in the end, after constant messages from him, I decided to let my 39k Twitter followers know the situation and if any photos pop up, to report him. What I didn’t know was that his behaviour was illegal, and there is action you can take if this is happening to you. Head to cyber.gov.au for advice.
In my decade as Samantha, men and their secret desires never fail to amaze me... why? Read my latest column in @bodyandsoul_au - link in bio.
While I didn’t know a soul in this industry and muddled my way into it, doesn’t mean you have to. I truly believe in helping others make the best decisions for themselves. Thank you Rachael for your kind words. 🙏 I am one of many mentors out there but just know, you dont have to do this alone.  And please be aware while it seems five star and champagne; its not easy and not for all. #businesscoaching #mentoring
You are all beautiful 💗
📷 @dumbsoberbitch
It’s taken me YEARS to accept Samantha. I spent too long struggling with how I should go back to a normal job, how I shouldn’t have written my books.. what must people THINK..blah blah.. but today, I’ve made peace with who I am, love what I do, and couldn’t think of anything worse than being NORMAL! A client asked me recently why I do what I do. Why does ANYONE do what they do? I love men, I love money, making MY own money, not relying on anyone else to fund my lifestyle, and more importantly, I love being free.