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New Treatment For Women You Have To Try

One of my girlfriends who is an accountant in a busy city practice sent me a picture of her vagina recently. “Don’t show anyone, but what do you think? I’m really self-conscious of it.” My friend, let’s call her Sarah, is a single mum with three kids. She is online dating and let’s say, is enjoying herself. She’s not self-conscious about her tummy, her legs or her wrinkles…it’s her vagina. In her opinion, her labia is ‘flappy’, her vagina feels loose and she finds it harder to orgasm as she gets older. (She’s early 40s by the way). 

Not that it stops her from sleeping with whoever she wants to, and men certainly don’t care, nor have said anything, but her own self-esteem is being affected.  

Sarah looks after herself. She has a healthy diet and lifestyle. She treats herself to Botox and filler once in a while. But when it comes to her vagina, she has no idea what’s on offer and as an escort, surely, I would know…right?

Well actually I do know. Escorts tend to read up on the latest vagina treatments and a few have undergone some kind of designer vagina or treatment. Like I said, we don’t do it for men, we do it for ourselves. Self-confidence in the way you look breeds self confidence in all other aspects of your life – including in bed. 

So, let me tell you a little secret. There’s a fabulous treatment called Viveve which takes less than an hour, is pain free and has no downtime. And you only need to have it done once. 

Let’s call it a fanny facial – Viveve uses cryogenic cooled radio frequency to deliver heat to the vaginal walls, which helps strengthen and tighten the vaginal wall. The process takes 45 minutes and all you need to do is refrain from sex for one to two days after. Within 90 days, you will see and notice a refreshed vagina. Not only does Viveve stimulate collagen, which gives your labia the nice plumped up look, but it also helps with lubrication, reduces bladder leakage and increases sensitivity. 

And…drum roll…we’ve teamed up with Millennium Wellness Centre to give you a huge discount off your treatment! And as a post-lockdown special, you are eligible for a special one-off payment plan.

How’s that for pussy power!