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5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Husband Hooked

Now, no one likes to give their secrets away, especially when it could mean losing out on business. But as a woman’s woman, I do feel I need to impart some of the knowledge I have learnt from that strange species called MAN to my fellow females.

So if you would rather your partner/husband didn’t stray; may I suggest the following:

1) Do something different in bed. I don’t mean sleep on your back if you are a tummy sleeper, or wear your tracksuit inside out instead of the right way. I mean next time you and your loved one have sex; take a bit of control, surprise him.

Whether this be a different position; or a bit of dirty talk; don’t ask him; just do it.

2) Phone sex is always a bit tricky, but it is a fail safe way to have him running home after work instead of to the pub. I dare you to call your partner RIGHT NOW (or wait until he gets to work, this doesn’t really work if he is sitting right beside you) and tell him how you can’t wait to feel his you-know-what in your you-know-what and see what he has to say.

I made my best friend Tab do this once and her husband actually left work early to get home.

3) Listen and talk. This one is nothing to do with sex. This is about listening to your partner. I know, they can be pretty monotone sometimes; and them grunting isn’t really an invitation to a compelling discussion.

But I do understand how some men (and women) feel ignored at home; or feel they are number 5 on the priority list due to kids, work, running of household etc. Set aside time for you both to re-connect.

While I cringe at the term ‘date night’; do something together that is just the two of you and you are both present and focused on each other. Most clients do complain their wives don’t seem interested in them anymore, and while I get that their wives may be sick to the back teeth of them; communication is a vital component to a successful relationship

4) Stop stressing about your weight. I never hear “My wife has put on weight and I am not attracted to her, but I do hear “My wife has put on weight and this has affected her confidence”. He doesn’t really care about a few extra kilos.

He just wants to make love to you. SO let him.

5) BUT saying that, don’t see that as an invitation to let things slide. Men are visual creatures. While they may not notice (or care) about your bristly legs, greasy hair or un-pedicured toes; they WILL notice nice lingerie, hold ups and a sexy pair of heels. Make an effort.

While a tracksuit is a jolly comfortable and has its uses, setting your sex life on fire isn’t one of them.

Of course dear readers, I cannot guarantee the man in your life won’t stray, even if you do follow some tips from a high class escort.

After all, they just can’t help themselves sometimes can they.

So in my next blog, I’ll give you some sizzling secrets on how to nab a young, playful toy boy who you can keep just for yourselves!