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5 Surprising Things That Turn Men On (and it’s not big boobs..)

Men are funny creatures. They’re pretty simple (and they would agree with me there).  In my first book Hooked, I said their simplicity is too complex for us to understand. And I mean that in a good way. They are visual, they find it hard to guess what we are thinking, and they get turned on by the most basic of things. You don’t need to have the perfect face or body to get them going. In my decade as Samantha, here are the most surprising things I’ve learnt that men love that women need to know! (disclaimer not all men and who says you should care what men like. This is if you are). 

  1. Glasses. I posted a pretty tame photo of me at my desk wearing glasses on Instagram this week.  The private messages from men in my inbox went into overdrive, more so if I post a more raunchier picture. (It was the specs). Clients sometimes request I wear my glasses over any kind of lingerie. It’s the school ma’am look that they love because they love being told they are very naughty boys..(And most of them are). 
  2. Active wear. Guess what the number one outfit request from clients is? Not lingerie, not short back dress….but active wear, any kind of active wear. They love that ‘just got home from the gym’ look – the sweatier the better. Good news for Lorna Jane. Not great if you’ve just spend a small fortune on a dress when his eyes are firmly locked onto to sweaty leggings in the washing basket. Next on the list is the girl next door list; Ive had men request T shirt and jeans more than I have sexy lingerie and tight dress. 
  3. Feet. I had a boob job recently (and a designer vagina..but that’s a different column..) and the aspects of my body men comment on the most? MY FEET. In my Only Fans account, men have paid a few hundred dollars for me to post photos of my feet and heels. Not ONE has asked for a boob shot. 
  4. Tan marks. I know we are in the wrong season for those, but come summer, don’t stress about having tan marks. Men love them. I used to take the G string off the times I would have a spray tan on. Now I hoist it up and leave it on. “They show off the figure more and tan marks are the tipping point of what is underneath,” says a male friend. 
  5. A few extra kilos. Ok here’s the thing, it’s your body, you look the hell you want to. But if you’re stressing about putting on weight, don’t. Men love curves, the extra ‘jiggy,’ more cushin’ for the pushin’. …you get my drift. I’ve never had a man comment on the times I put on weight, but I have had the concerned ‘you have lost a LOT of weight..’ (when I actually thought I’d reached my goal weight). They also love women who eat rather than you pick at a salad and water. And if you worry about your wobbles and cellulite – stop. Men don’t notice cellulite so don’t point it out to them!