Samantha X304

5 Traits Of Very Wealthy Men

As a high class escort, and a single woman, I’ve been the subject of bullying, harassment, sobbing at police stations (and later at court). I’ve been spoken to rudely, lied to and walked out on dinner dates  – mostly in my single ‘real’ life than my working one. “Shut up and eat your food,” was the quip from one date, which nearly resulted in my seafood platter ending up his overly-tanned face.

And the one thing these men had in common? They were extremely wealthy men. Before I get sued (because we all know they like bankrupting people as a hobby), here’s my disclaimer. *THIS ISN”T ABOUT YOU* Not all rich men I know are wankers but there sure is a theme.

Here are my top five traits of the very wealthy (here goes my chance of becoming Packer’s next squeeze..)

THEY’RE TIGHT. (I’m definitely not talking tight in the abs). If there’s ever been a time I’ve endured endless discussions about money or how much my entree was, it’s when I’m in the company of a very rich man. They never carry cash (so you always have to buy them lunch), and they love talking –  about money. Yet funnily enough, you don’t see any of it. My wealthy clients are managed by their accountants (and hence their wallets are empty) and the ones I’ve dated..let’s not even go there…..

2) THEY PROMISE THE EARTH: If I had a dollar every time a rich man has promised me a car, a holiday, a house, to clear my debts…I would be a very rich woman. But usually when I receive a gift from them, they demand it back when the relationship is over. I’ve had to return jewellery, piddling amounts of money and even a bottle of Grange to wealthy men who threw tantrums after it ended.

3) THEY KNOW ‘BAD PEOPLE.’  Ahhh the good old threats. If they’re not threatening to take you to court and ‘ruin you’, they’re boasting about the ‘bad people’ they know. The few times I’ve been to the police fearful, I’ve been told they ‘see it all the time’ – rich men abusing their power. The ironic thing is – the ‘bad men’ aren’t half as bad as them. I know more wealthy businessmen that lie, steal and rip people off more than the bad boys I know. Here’s my message: you can afford to buy a life so go and get one mate.

4) THEY’RE BORED. Bentley? Tick. Own a shopping complex/luxury resort in the tropics? Tick. Private fleet of jets? Tick. Yawn. What next? Being very rich can also mean being very bored, which is  very dangerous. Some see escorts as a hobby, others flaunt their vacuous existence on social media. I remember one very wealthy client whinging how bored he was day in, day out. His friends couldn’t afford his lifestyle, he had done charity work, he had the cars, house, boat. He really had nothing left to strive for.  Kids and wife? “Boring” “How’s the weather outside?’ I asked once. “Boring,’ he replied. The only thing I found boring was him.

5) THEY HAVE BAD TASTE IN CLOTHES:  If you see the man dressed in a terrible Hawaiian shirt and board shorts at the airport, you can bet your bottom dollar he is laughing all the way to the bank. I knew a billionaire once who shopped at Lowes (because the bargains were great). Money can’t buy you taste, class or style. Nor can it buy you integrity, manners or love. Give me a hot tradie, hot cop, hot bad boy over the Polo shirt brigade any day.