A Top Male Escort On What Women REALLY Want In The Bedroom

Every man dreams of being a male escort. Well, ok, perhaps not every man, but a lot. The constant attention from women, the noncommittal sex, the money.

Judging from the male escorts I have spoken to, it’s a great job, and male escorts certainly aren’t judged by society as much as female ones….but that’s a different column.

Not only is it fun, but you get something valuable that other men aren’t necessarily privy to – and that’s what women want in bed.

Zac Hunter is one of Melbourne’s most popular (and yummy) straight male escorts. I’ve met Zac, his photos are genuine, his personality is warm, and he’s hot. He’s also very popular, and his business brand is inspiration from the movie American Gigolo; the perfect gentlemen, happy in white T shirt and jeans or power business suit.

“My clients fall into all sorts of categories, I have women that are looking for kinky sex, but my most popular request is the boyfriend experience; lunches, dinners, sometimes even trips away. Sex is just part of what I do,” he says.

Zac’s clients are mostly professional career women, housewives and a few younger women who don’t want relationships. And what do they all have in common?

“They want attention. They want to feel desirable, sexy and have a laugh.”

One woman in her 50s came to Zac after almost 10 years of a sexless marriage. “I hear this all the time from women,” he says.

“She said her husband doesn’t even look at her anymore. She had zero confidence or self esteem, and booking me was terrifying for her. Together we’ve slowly built up her confidence with foreplay, cuddles and me listening to her. There is still no sex in her marriage but that need is being fulfilled now for her.”

 Zac has also been in situations that in this day and age would surprise you.

“I’ve seen women aged 35 plus that are virgins, and I have had to explain exactly the process of sex and what to expect. I’m no doctor when it comes to the anatomy of women, but knowing that I am able to give them a gentle and caring first time is really satisfying.”

When it comes to penis size, men might be surprised at this but women don’t care as much as men think they do.

“If anything, I have had women call me concerned as they’ve read my reviews and worry it’s going to hurt.”

So the million dollar question for Zac – what do women want?

“With most women, they want to be touched, kissed, stroked, whispered how sexy they are. These women have forgotten how desirable they are because their husbands make them feel like that, or if they’re single, they end up having unfulfilling sex that leaves them unsatisfied. Rarely do I hear them say ‘I just want to orgasm’. It’s the whole experience they are looking for.”

And just because every man may think he can do the job because a girl one told him he was good in bed, doesn’t mean he should.

“There is a big difference from thinking you’re good in bed, to actually tuning into what all types of women want. There isn’t one set list of instructions. Women are complex and beautiful in their own special way. You need to leave your ego at the door and be the man they have always wanted.”