Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

Behind Every Beautiful Woman, There’s A Guy Sick Of Sleeping With Her

Come on, guys, they were great while they lasted. The lovey-dovey eyes in Mr and Mrs Smith, the matching black outfits in every airport they glided through, the Vanity Fair covers.

But hang on, what’s that saying again? Behind every beautiful woman, there is a guy sick of sleeping with her. Well, ain’t that the truth.

Two things that struck me when I read the news of the Jolie/Pitt split:

1) Once a cheater, always a cheater

2) It doesn’t matter how beautiful/sexy/thin or how stunning your wardrobe is, or that you REALLY are the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, your husband will still probably (ALLEGEDLY) sleep with someone else.

Pitt cheated on former wife Jennifer Aniston for his then-co-star Angelina Jolie. Now he is being accused of cheating on Jolie for French actor Marion Cotillard. And so it continues. The merry-go-round of human habits.

(And to be a fly on the wall of Aniston’s house right now. Karma’s a bitch, right Jen?)

I know men pretty well. They pay me an awful lot of money for me to listen to their issues and nod in the right places. Escort? Yes. Overpaid psychologist? Most definitely.

I hear their little secrets, insecurities and truths, and the one thing I’ve learnt is that if the sacred seal of monogamy has been broken, it cannot be sealed over. In other words, if he has cheated on someone to be with you, he will deceive you too.

It doesn’t matter how picture perfect your lives are, and how the kids are dressed in Ralph Lauren or that you head to Aspen every Easter. Men just can’t help themselves. (And women aren’t perfect, but that’s another story).

It is not enough to be beautiful. Some of my clients’ wives are the kind of women that have it all, from the tennis coached body to the huge rock on her finger to the high-powered career. They enjoy dinner parties with other couples and summers in St Tropez. She is a great wife, they have a great life, and he, well, he will always sometimes sleep with other women.

Whether she knows or cares, or is doing it herself, is another issue. But the point is, men just can’t help themselves.

I met with a client the other day. Tall, blond and handsome, he was on his second marriage. The first wife (let’s call her Jennifer) he left for a slimmer, more perfect version (let’s call her Angelina). Now, he complained, Angelina was fast becoming ex wife number two. While he couldn’t really explain what the issue was, I could. It wasn’t exciting anymore. It wasn’t the same. In other words: same shit, different person. There goes reality…

Be very, very careful if you prise a man off someone else’s arm. He will do it to you, he will.

Having a good body and striking face may catch someone’s eye but it won’t stop them from cheating on you.

I know a lot of women in the sex industry, and I am always getting snippets of gossip about such-and-such celebrity going to a brothel (when he has a beautiful model wife at home). Or a client booking one of my Angels and guess what — he was a rich and famous Hollywood celebrity with a jaw-dropping wife at home. (No, it wasn’t Brad Pitt).

In other words: men cheat on gorgeous women all the time. And looks have nothing to do with it.

When men call me up wanting to book one of my ladies, they rarely — if at all — ask for a girl that is beautiful. Instead, I get “mature”, “curvy”, “natural” and “friendly”. Confidence wins over thin thighs 110 per cent of the time, womanly curves preside over skinny, a genuine smile over silicone.

Men don’t stray because of YOU. They don’t stray because you’re not perfect or if you ARE perfect. You could have sex with them every day in a bed made from white silk sheets and cook them a roast afterwards, but if they want to sometimes go elsewhere for a bit of How’s Your Father, they will. Even if you’re Angelina bloody Jolie.