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Why I Call Myself The Naked Therapist

I had a session with a psychic last week who quite specifically told me I had saved 15 men from suicide. Take it with a pinch of salt if you will, but she also told me my love life was “romantically dead” and she sure got that right. But back to the 15 men; I…


A Top Male Escort On What Women REALLY Want In The Bedroom

Every man dreams of being a male escort. Well, ok, perhaps not every man,…

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The Number Of Women Who Enquired About Becoming An Escort Spiked During Lockdown

Lockdown has been challenging for a lot of us – most of us. My agency Samantha…

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New Treatment For Women You Have To Try

One of my girlfriends who is an accountant in a busy city practice sent…

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More Surprising Things Men Like In Bed

I’ve always had a high sex drive, so dipping my toe into the adult…

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Why My Job As An Escort Is Hard To Leave

To those who don’t know my story, I was a journalist who, at the…

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5 Surprising Things That Turn Men On (and it’s not big boobs..)

Men are funny creatures. They’re pretty simple (and they would agree with me there).  In…

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Seeing An Escort Is Cheating, But This Is Why I Still Trust Men

For anyone that doesn’t know my story, I was a journalist all my working…

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What Qualities Make A Good Escort?

There is a price to pay for being a public (happy and free) escort….

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Why The Word ‘Prostitute’ Has To Go

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the shady sexual goings on in…


Why Clients Are Nicer Than Boyfriends

I received a beautiful bunch of flowers this week (and there wasn’t a gerbera or carnation…

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The Rise Of The Cougar

“Once you’ve had a woman, you can never go back to a girl.” These…

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Why Marriage Is Outdated

With almost half of marriages ending in divorce, why bother? I came close to getting married once….

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The Secrets You Want To Know From An Escort, Revealed

I am writing this from a beautiful yoga retreat on the south coast of…

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Lovin’ All Year Round

Here’s a secret: I hate Valentine’s Day. The big red balloons, the restaurants that…


What Kinds Of Men See Sex Workers?

Every type of man sees sex workers. Normal, very every day, conservative men. Bosses, husbands, brothers, work…