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Why I Call Myself The Naked Therapist

I had a session with a psychic last week who quite specifically told me I had saved 15 men from suicide. Take it with a pinch of salt if you will, but she also told me my love life was “romantically dead” and she sure got that right. But back to the 15 men; I…


A Top Male Escort On What Women REALLY Want In The Bedroom

Every man dreams of being a male escort. Well, ok, perhaps not every man,…

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The Number Of Women Who Enquired About Becoming An Escort Spiked During Lockdown

Lockdown has been challenging for a lot of us – most of us. My agency Samantha…

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New Treatment For Women You Have To Try

One of my girlfriends who is an accountant in a busy city practice sent…

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The Aftermath. The Bloodshed. The ‘Coming Out’.

Gasp. Horror! A MOTHER, a 40-year-old, leaves her low-paid job as a respectable tabloid…

Follow Up Thank You Situations

Messages Of Support

Wow – what a stir my story has created! Here are just a few…

5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Husband Hooked 1014x487

5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Husband Hooked

Now, no one likes to give their secrets away, especially when it could mean…

Face Values A Call Girls Lesson In Looks 1014x487

Face Values: A Call Girl’s Lessons On Looks

Why I will take a ‘fat ugly man’ over a handsome arrogant client any day.

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3 Reasons Your Husband Will Visit An Escort

Having spent hours and hours and hours with men, usually married men, in a…

Older Women Who Pay For Sex

Would Women Pay For Sex?

When I used to work at the Bordello and saw just how many men…