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Coronavirus Is Hitting The Adult Industry Hard

Times are tough. There is unease and fear at the possible ramifications as COVID-19 sweeps the country. Not only are we worried about our elderly and sick, but also the financial stress as small businesses and sole traders suffer.

And that includes sex workers.

Because if there’s one profession that allows on human skin on skin close contact – it’s sex work.

And it’s quiet out there. I own an escort agency for mature women and the phone has been unusually slow (except for women wanting to work for me).

I still escort occasionally and apart from my dear clients who have offered to help out during this tough time, I’m certainly seeing a difference.

While PM Scott Morrison last night promised a $25,000 cash injection to small businesses, what about the women who rely on sex work to feed their families?

I hear from girls who work in brothels that establishments that were usually bustling are now slow.

As one girl messaged me from a brothel this week “It’s so dead in here….makes me laugh…men are freaking out about this virus but don’t give a damn about STIs..”

She’s spot on! To be frank with you, it’s not like these men panic about their health at the best of times. It’s no secret to those in the adult industry that some men moan, grumble and feebly protest at having to wear a condom.

“It numbs the feeling..it makes me go soft…..I am allergic to rubber…” blah blah blah.

It even shocks me at how many (married) men ask if my girls do natural sex and that they will pay extra for that service. I just block them. My rule of thumb is no amount of money is worth your mental or physical health.

Forget unwanted pregnancies, but don’t these stupid men care risking their health and those of their wives, sex worker and community? Are they really putting a few minutes of sexual pleasure above their and their loved ones’ health?


The ironic thing is, sex workers are one of the healthiest groups you will come across in the community. And these men know it.

We are tested every three months for infections, and that includes throat swabs, bloods, and urine. How many men do you think have regular STI checks? I bet even most of you didn’t realise a throat swab can diagnose chlamydia and gonorrhoea!

Sex workers know all about good hygiene. We are the queens of good hygiene! We can spot an infection, we know the difference between a wart and a skin tag on someone’s body a mile off, and we know where and what to look for.

We also know that a gargle of mouthwash after oral sex can help reduce your chance of a STI. A small study has shown mouthwash can kill gonorrhoea in the mouth, advice my own GP gave me. I bet you didn’t even know that!

Trying to get a man – whether he is a client, a boyfriend, your brother, your fuck buddy, into the doctor’s surgery for STI tests is not an easy feat. We all know that.

So boys, when the Coronavirus has settled down, it would be great if you could take your health and that of those around you with a little less panic and a lot more care……