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Face Values: A Call Girl’s Lessons On Looks

The response I get the most when I tell people I am a high class escort is actually not so much of a question… more of an action.. A wrinkled up nose. Eurgh! What about the fat ugly men? How on earth could you get naked with them?

It often makes me smile because that’s exactly what I used to think, before I dipped my toe in the industry of course.

When you’ve seen as many naked bodies as I have, when you have been intimate with as many men (I’m not just talking sex here, but conversation), your perception changes and so does your judgement. I used to be so snobby and pouty about the men in my life having the right arms, a nice mouth and thick hair.

They had to be wearing nice clothes and cool shoes (nothing too pointy). And sure, while those things are important, they’re not a deal breaker. What I have learn’t as a high class escort is that no matter how unattractive someone’s body is, it is what lies inside that matters. The body is a mere shell and quite often the most beautiful people are hidden in a deformed, or just plain and ugly bodies.

I know I am not exactly giving you groundbreaking news here, but sometimes we all need reminding, especially in our society of perfectly plastic and manufactured bodies.

My favourite clients have quite often been what one would call unattractive and some of my rudest and arrogant clients are quite often the tall, tanned and handsome ones. And believe me, one can always, ALWAYS find something nice about someone, be it their hands, their feet or their eyelashes.

So dear readers, that is why I can happily spend an hour or two naked with ‘fat ugly men’ and enjoy myself.

But pointy shoes are still a no no. Sorry.