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Ladies Over 40, Your Ship Hasn’t Sailed

“Dear Samantha, 

I am a 47 year-old single mum. Recently, a 26 year-old guy from my gym has been showing interest in me.  After a nasty separation, my confidence is at an all-time low. Surely a handsome young man who could have his pick out of all the gorgeous young women out there can’t be keen on me? I am wrinkly and feel old! Is he having me on? 

Sarah, NSW”

Dear Sarah, 

Is he having you on? Absolutely no way! I’m mid-forties and let me assure you in my experience young men love older women! The older I get, the younger my boyfriends get!  When I was younger, I thought my sex life would be over once I hit 40, that no man would ever find me attractive and that ship had sailed. When I left my ex, his parting words were ‘no man is going to want a single mum with two kids…’ 

How wrong he was. I see it all the time in older women – almost every woman aged 40 plus I know who is single has younger men chasing her.  I met a lady in her late 60s once who showed me a photo of her hot younger boyfriend! And it’s not because they have some kind of Freudian mummy issues. It’s because older women have more confidence, (even though you don’t feel like it at times), more life experience, aren’t as hung up or obsessed over body issues (we understand there is no such thing as the perfect body) and know what we want in bed. My 61year-old was a grandma, married, with no botox and plastic surgery, but she had a warmth and nurturing personality that men were drawn to. Escorting is one of those professions were women are never too old for – women are sexy at every age and stage. Sexiness is not about the perfect body, it’s about confidence. Own what you have girl! 

I own an escort agency and I mostly only employ women from 35 plus. My oldest lady was 61, and she was the busiest. And she looked like someone’s grandma. I found men are looking for that Milf/cougar experience. My SEO team working on my website told me that ‘mature escorts’ are the most googled words in the adult industry. It’s what a lot men are looking for.  

I am a big fan of younger men. Not only do they have great bodies, but as someone who is playful and immature at times (ahem, yep..) I find I click with the energy of younger men.  They’re open minded, funny, light hearted and would do anything to please. And I mean anything! So my advice is go with it! If he asks you for a drink, go! Be confident, empowered and know that he is attracted to you BECAUSE of your age and stage in life, not despite it! 

Good luck! 

Samantha x