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Lovin’ All Year Round

Here’s a secret: I hate Valentine’s Day. The big red balloons, the restaurants that triple the price, the ridiculously expensive flowers (even servos jack up the prices of their crummy gerberas). And ok, ok, I have spent many a Valentine’s Day alone – in fact the last time I was taken to dinner on this day of love was by a man who told me to ‘shut up and eat my food.’ I put the knife and fork down gently (resisting the urge to stab him) and calmly walked out of the restaurant, leaving him red-faced and with a huge bill. 

But hey, don’t let my dismal love life put you off! Valentine’s Day can be a special time for you both. And if you don’t want to pay three times the price in a fancy restaurant, (and to be honest, increase the risk of fighting in this highly forced situation), I would grab yourself a Moments Condoms Date Box, with goodies picked for you to enjoy a sensual night in with the person you love (or the person you just met on Tinder..). And by the way, a sexy night in doesn’t need to be limited to one night of the year – enjoy a Date Box every night of the week.

Stroke the Fire massage oil, Fire Starter sexy linen spray, shimmering body cream, wet wipes and of course, most importantly, Moments Condoms are just a few of the goodies packed for you. Being single as a Pringle, I got very excited about the sexy spicy scented candle after all, I can hardly give myself a massage (unfortunately). 

It’s all very well having the goodies, but do you actually know how to re-ignite the passion? Do not leave it until the last minute to whip out the Date Box and say hopefully: “How about it love?”

Preparation prevents p*ss poor performance. Talk to your loved one (or lusted one) about the night, day or even just a few hours you want to spend together. Get rid of the kids (not permanently of course), switch off your mobiles, do not answer the door, and put something sexy on – not necessarily for your partner, but for YOU. The sexier you feel, the sexier you are. The more confident you feel, the more confident you are. And as I have said before, the one thing that makes you good in bed is not swinging from the chandeliers, it’s self-confidence and to embrace your body, imperfections and all. 

Preparation also means having condoms, lube and other sexy products you may need – fumbling around in your make up bag, drawers or wallet during the moment of passion isn’t ideal. With your Date Box, you have everything you need – like your wet wipes, condoms and massage oil. Let Moments Condoms make sure you both enjoy the moment this Valentine’s Day! 

*Samantha X has teamed up with Moments Condoms to get you thinking about yourself this Valentine’s Day. For more info about the Date Box or Moments Condoms: