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Men May Be Attracted To Young, Skinny Ladies. But They Secretly Crave The Maturity Of Older Women

Despite what people think, I am not a man-basher.

Hell, I make a jolly good living in spending time with them and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love them dearly.

But if there was one man that got my blood boiling in the news recently, it was that “hunk” of an internet dater Ash, who thought he ought to let “overweight women over 30” know they were kidding themselves. He’s not interested in them and, according to him, nobody is.

Ash, take a dash. You’re wrong.

You see, I was reading his comments the very same time I was uploading a profile of one of my new escorts, Valentina. Let me tell you about Valentina.

Valentina has womanly curves in all the right places. She is not just the wrong side of 30, but she’s nudging fabulous 50.

She’s not skinny and she doesn’t have the perfect body. But she oozes sexuality and confidence.

I have just employed her as one of my Angels at my escort agency due to the sheer demand of men asking for mature, curvy women.

The second her profile was online, the phone started ringing. At the moment, I am trying to juggle a 28-year-old IT engineer who wants to take her on a dinner date with a multi-millionaire who wants to spend the night with her.

Surprised? Don’t be.

The one thing I hear time again from men from all walks of life — from bankers to bakers, pilots to policemen — while a young body may catch their eye, often it’s the experience and maturity of an older woman they secretly crave.

I asked a client recently what the allure of the older woman was. “Inhibited. Experience. Confidence. Conversation,” were his words. In fact, I hear this so much that I am only taking on women aged 30 plus.

When women I mentor come to me for advice about how to word their profiles online, I tell them if they insist on fibbing about their age, add a few years, don’t subtract.

When I first started escorting, I pretended I was 34 (when I was a fair bit older) and my fee was $600 an hour. Now, I’m honest about my age (42) and I’m $1000 an hour.

Guess what? I’m busier.

In fact, I have clients who book me purely because I am an old fart.

I don’t look out of place with them at restaurants. I can sit on a plane with them and I don’t look like their daughter. I can meet them in the city for a drink and look like their colleague.

That’s not to say if there was a fountain of youth, I wouldn’t be the first in for a swim. Millions of men go gaga over the beauty of a youthful toned body; the careless frivolity of a 19-year-old. There is a market for everything and everybody. But in the sex industry, when it’s just as much about the conversation than the how’s your father, maturity plays just as important a role, if not more so, than perfect thighs.

It’s a trend that seems to be growing. A 2015 study of over 450,000 online daters by US dating agency EliteSingles found that men between the ages of 20 and 29 prefer to date older women.

I remember going for an interview at a bordello that specialised in women over 40. I sat in the waiting room more to take a sticky beak than anything else. I could not believe some of the women who worked there — 50, 60, 70 year olds … and let me tell you, that doorbell rang every two minutes. Eager, young and older men being ushered in with the anticipation of spending a delicious hour or so with a mature woman.

Believe me, out of all the places I’ve seen and been too as an escort, that establishment was the busiest.

Women are gorgeous, all shapes and sizes, all different stages in life. What makes you beautiful and sexy is not so much your youthful body, but your soul that radiates from within.

If Ash turned you down for being 30 plus and curvy, then send your application to me. I have a million and one gentlemen dying to take his place.