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From knowing your client, to whether escorting is for you - be armed with all the knowledge you can before you decide on making the leap. I have introduced a coaching and mentoring hub for ladies wanting to enter this industry or for those that are simply intrigued.


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Escort Mentoring

For those that are looking for in-depth support and mentoring, I offer private one-on-one sessions. This is your face-to-face personal hour with me where you come armed with as many questions as you like, regarding escorting and the sex industry. I will guide and support you into making the right choices for you.

Business Mentoring

Thinking about starting up your own business in the adult industry? Whether it is an escort agency or a new business venture, Vanessa & I can share our knowledge with you on how to successfully run a business in the adult industry. Vanessa has 10 years of heading publicity and marketing campaigns within the entertainment and adult industries. She also runs her own marketing consultancy business, Motion Marketing.


Beginners' Escort Guide:
Top 10 Tips - Part One

Escorting isn’t all about five-star hotels and clinking champagne flutes. A lot goes on behind the scenes which you absolutely need to know if you are starting out. I have put together a guide of my Top 10 Tips of what I believe you need to know before you start your journey into a world of intrigue.

Beginners' Escort Guide:
Top 10 Tips - Part 2

After receiving some very kind reviews of my first guide, I have put together a second guide that covers more topics and questions for those starting out in the industry or for those simply intrigued. Escorting isn’t for everyone, and once you are in the industry, it is incredibly hard to leave. So do your research, think very hard about it, and most of all enjoy it!

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Escort Starter Pack

Looking to enter the industry but don’t know where to begin? You need a Samantha X Escort Starter Pack, including Beginner’s Escort Guides, Part One & Two as well as Lelo Hex Condoms (12 Pack) and Slippery Coco Lube (60ml).

eBook - Sex & Intimacy:
Your Common Questions Answered

For ladies and gentlemen, covering everything from how to pleasure a woman to giving the perfect blowjob. I have written an ebook answering some of the most popular questions you have asked me about relationships, sex and intimacy.