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Messages Of Support

Wow – what a stir my story has created! Here are just a few of the lovely messages of support from all over the world. While I can’t thank each and every one of you personally; please know that I appreciate the time you have all taken out of your busy lives to sit and write to me. Thank you.

Good for you. Your littluns are too young to know anything and by the time they’re older there will be nothing to worry about. If I was as good looking I would be in the same business for sure.
Brian, London.

Hi I just wanted to say that I support your decision to out yourself but it’s nobodies business but yours how you earn a living or provide for your kids ,sadly if you were a male this wouldn’t even be an issue for most people ,all the best to you and your kids !
Craig, Sydney

Hey Sam, read your article in one of the red top papers (The Sun). Good for you. Your kids are too young to notice and by the time they are old enough there will be nothing to worry about. If I was as good looking I would do it aswell 🙂 x
Anon, UK.

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. Most appreciated.

I have long held a view that since we have now accepted gay marriages – then I think we need to advance our views as a society on prostitution. Afterall – God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and yet we readily accept these groups into upper class but an escort is frowned upon. Go figure.

I have been with very prominent people over here in Perth and yet on one hand its Ok for them to have used my services – on the other hand its not OK for them to be seen with me in public.

Escorting gave me – what it gave you – freedom; empowerment; self esteem; I felt sexy. It advanced my social intelligence. It made me not ignorant – I would hate to return to the ignorant person I once was. It taught me social/etiquette skills – sadly my family background is from lower classes. I am no longer of lower class.

What resonated with me was your reasoning behind entering the industry was that after a few set backs – why not charge for something you were giving away for free. I will go one step further – why not charge for something when the man only wants you for one hour and isn’t prepared to commit himself to you in anyway.

I am fully supportive of your coming out. In Melbourne I have come out and I feel wonderful for it. Why should I feel guilty of an industry which is fabulous (obviously the trafficking and lower class prostitution is not fabulous and I clearly refer to the upper class).

Please travel safe and if you ever venture to Melbourne I would welcome a chance to have a drink with you.

Kind Regards

Mary, Melbourne

Hi Samantha,

I just wanted to say (after reading about you in the SMH) that I really admire your guts and your honesty. Believe it or not, I actually find such courageous honesty the MOST attractive thing about you! Kudos!!!

Hi Samantha,

This is not a question. More of a well done for challenging the norms with your recent media interview. Although I never used a prostitute If I did I would expect them to as you appear.
Well done…forget the haters.

Her face had launched a thousand ships and a war was fought over her

And so, how you remind me of Helen of Troy. What I’ve seen in the press in the last three days is a hauntingly beautiful, smouldering, dark, mysterious vision. Worldly and vulnerable. I think spending time with you would be a highpoint.

Im a female fabulous and 40

Simply, I admire you..Ive walked your path. the words you spoke “I took the power back”

A rare find

I saw your interview last night and was impressed with how intelligent, understanding and beautiful you are.

Well done!

I just wanted to say well done for coming out in such a blaze of publicity. The more that those in the sex industry, and their clients, are seen as normal, sane people, the more demystified sex work and sex in general becomes 🙂

I’m in the same boat

Hey darl I know where your coming from im in the same boat but dont charge that much im younger and I take my hat off to you I just wish I had the courage to come out xo


How are you? Saw you on TV talking about yourself and the changes in life you made from media to Escorting. Kudos to you.

Hi, I saw you on the tele and I would just like to say I support your decision. It was actually nice to hear a woman say understanding things about men. xxx

I loved the story about you and think you’re wonderful.

Classy, so articulate, feminine and gorgeous and good for you for being as brave as you are and unapologetic for doing what you want to do on your own terms. Bravo! You are an absolute inspiration.

All the best…. I look forward to reading your book.

You have shown people how to achieve.

I was just surfing through the internet and saw the news where you have firmly stood in front of the world and told as to what you do. This is strenght and power that your assert within, absolutely commendable.

Also, the repect that you have shown to the problems that men face is so true and I appreciate that.

Well done for being who you feel happy about the most at this point in your life Amanda. It took a lot of courage to do what you did on national tv, but at the same time i can only imagine how many wives would have took there husbands right hand while watching the tv interview.

Well done in your interview last night! I sat down to watch it and was very impressed. 100% agree with everything you said.

I hope you didnt get too many horrible comments after sunday night, I think you have alot of courage doing what you do. And confidence.

Firstly you are not only a beautiful women but a highly intelligent one and I can see why many men including myself would be lining up to pay for your services whether it be for sex, to listen or just be in your company.

You have now put every husband/wife on notice across Australia to lift there game, learn to listen, try new things and exhaust every possible option before exercising the option of a paid male/females services to provide the things/needs that they don’t get from there respective partners.

You should be very proud of yourself for having the courage to do what every man and women in Australia wouldn’t have the guts to do. I take my hate off to you.

First I want to congratulate you on the book. I love your life story, you are strong woman. Best wishes from Croatia

WOW. you have inspired me!

I felt your frustration and disappointment when separated and back into the dating game… yes we are often used for just sex, so as you said “Why not take the power back?” feeling empowered!

Isnt that what we all want?

You are awesome and you definitely deserve respect.

I saw your story on Sunday night this week and I thought you’re really doing a good job in representing woman taking control.

Your’e an exceptional, hard working woman and are dealing with the criticism from the public very well. I wish you all the best for the future.

You Go Girl!!

I loved the story about you and think you’re wonderful. Classy, so articulate, feminine and gorgeous and good for you for being as brave as you are and unapologetic for doing what you want to do on your own terms.

Bravo! You are an absolute inspiration.