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The Number Of Women Who Enquired About Becoming An Escort Spiked During Lockdown

Lockdown has been challenging for a lot of us – most of us. My agency Samantha X Angels closed temporarily and I stopped seeing clients.

I keep being asked the same questions: how did your clients cope during lockdown? How many calls did you take? Did you work? Did you do online sessions? The answers in order: not well, a lot, no and no.

My clients struggled. One called me suicidal so I gave him the Beyond Blue Covid hotline number (while I’ve always said my role as an escort is more about therapy than sex, some clients do actually need proper professional help, and this was one of those times).

The phone calls were relentless (not even a pandemic puts men off), and did I work? While the money (and company) would have come in handy, getting caught working and breaking lockdown laws wasn’t really the kind of publicity I needed.

One thing that also increased was the number of women who emailed about becoming escorts.

Women over 40; divorced and educated with children. Women who had walked out of their marriages, husbands got nasty, withheld money and buggered off. Women who are sick of the dating scene and, as one lady told me: “I am sick of having sex for free. I like sex, I am a good listener and I want to do something exciting for a change.”

She is 52 and holds a high position in the government. If you’ve read my columns or listened to my podcasts before, you would know the older the better in my eyes in this job. She ticked all the boxes and we had a chat, and off she went on her merry way.

So what is it about escorting that ‘normal’ women are attracted to? Is it just the money? Is it the sex?

In my experience, the one thing I hear again and again from women who approach me, it’s the realisation that white knights don’t exist, that they’re sick to death of being disappointed, and that they may as well capitalise on their assets, for want of a better word. Judge all you want.

This is the reality of a lot of women. I know, because they sit on my sofa, with their cups of tea, and tell me. Escorting isn’t a way out, some desperate choice they’re making. It’s an educated, rational decision they have come to.

These aren’t 18 year-olds, they’re mature professional women. And I certainly don’t sit there and tell them that this is the best decision they’ll ever make – because sometimes it isn’t. My advice is always: think about it carefully.

Dating will become hard, double lives are hard and judgment is hard. And, the allure of money, men and frissons in hotel rooms is alluring, it is also extremely addictive. Once you’ve dipped your painted toes in, it is near impossible to leave.

As for me? Sometimes I dream about meeting someone special, giving it up and living a ‘normal’ life. But I called my first book Hooked for a reason. Samantha is who I am. For now.