Why Clients Are Nicer Than Boyfriends

I received a beautiful bunch of flowers this week (and there wasn’t a gerbera or carnation in sight). The card read: “Samantha, it’s been six beautiful years to the day since we met. Thank you for seeing me through the ups and downs of life, love Professor Peter Pan.” (Ok that’s obviously not his real name, but he is a professor and that is his nickname).

What a lovely gesture I thought, putting them in a vase – actually a very expensive Fornasetti vase, which sell for over $1000. Another thoughtful gift; this time from Joe Bananas. (Again, another nickname).

Thing is, I’m single. The gifts aren’t from boyfriends; they’re from my clients. (The boyfriends I’ve had always demand the nice things they’ve bought me back when we break up).

I could list all the nice gifts or the beautiful cards I’ve received, but that would take too long. But what I will say, is that the men I meet in my role as a high-class escort are far nicer than my boyfriends.

Here’s why:

1. They’re thoughtful

I get that I see men on their best behaviour (as they see me on my best behaviour), but clients are the most generous type of men I’ve met. It’s not just about the material stuff.

When COVID hit, and the escorting industry shut up doors, the people who called to see if I was ok and offered to support me were clients. They didn’t want anything in return, they lived in different states, and I certainly didn’t ask, but they were there emotionally and financially. As someone who has no family here, (just good friends), a little extra bit of support means the world.

2. They’re emotionally supportive

I’m not saying boyfriends aren’t, but let’s be honest, most of the issues you have when you are in a relationship are actually about the person you are having a relationship with. I remember when I was going through a tough time with a boyfriend (so tough it ended up in court), the people who were there for me were my clients.

I vividly remember sobbing in an Uber on the phone to Joe Bananas, my Italian client from Melbourne. “Samantha, you can do so much better than this dickhead,” and “Want me to have to quiet word with him?” I didn’t ask what a ‘quiet word’ meant to an Italian from Melbourne and probably a good thing, but he was there for me. I am so grateful for the beautiful men in my life and while our relationships are unconventional, they’re real.

3. They make me feel beautiful

From subtle put downs, to more serious incidents – the cruellest actions and words I have endured from a man have been from boyfriends. I have taken legal action against boyfriends, not clients, and I have been on the end of some very serious abuse from boyfriends never a client.

And in turn, the most beautiful and nicest things men have said to me are from clients. They make me feel beautiful, they love my body, wobbles and all, and not once, not ONCE have they made me cry.

There are many more reasons – and certainly one is I have absolutely shocking taste in men in my real life. I certainly accept I have a part to play in my dismal love life, and I’ve been single for over two years because I can’t face any more drama and am far happier this way. 

Being an escort, I get the best of both worlds – I get my freedom, and I get the company from some very beautiful men. In my first book Hooked, the last three lines of my acknowledgements sum it up perfectly: “And of course, how could I not thank my sweet, kind and gorgeous clients, who think spending time with me is something special. I think each and every one of you is special too.”